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Welcome to the DVE Gifts and You Catalog Store

Gifts And You Catalog Store is now open and ready to supply you with all your gifting  needs. Below is some information on what you will find right here on our site:

Gifts and You's  "Elf's Supply House"- Year Around Christmas You will find a  year around Christmas store available right here on our site. What we provide is an opportunity to shop year around for your Christmas needs. Not all Christmas item are obvious Christmas products. So, in the middle of the summer when you need a fun candle for your summer picnic or party you can shop our Christmas shop and see if you can find one that will work for you.  We are all about gifts. So, next time you have a gifting need we would be thrilled to help you supply the need.  From Birthdays to Weddings you will find our products as a great resource for your gifting needs.

A Gift for Them.. A Treasure For You...™ Rewards  Program  We love our customers and reward them for all there purchases. Here is how it works! Soon after we ship you your gift purchases you will receive another package. This package is a surprise gift for you. (Examples of gifts available in our treasure chest are the following..  Candles, Snow flake Ornaments, Christmas Decorations, etc.)  Gifts will be randomly given and are not available to be requested.

Valerie Venee` Jewelry  We are proud to be the official supplier of our affiliate company, Valerie Venee` Jewelry.  Valerie Venee` products are exclusively sold online through  Valerie Venee` Jewelry is also available through our Gifts andYou home parties and networking events as well.

Special Associate Program: Gifts &You Home Parties   You are invited to  join our special associate program which will authorize you to host a special " Gift & You Home Party" or networking event. Special training is available to all who are approved in our special sales representatives program. (Please note: This program has not yet been launched and will be available nationwide soon)

High End Jewelry Affiliate We have a very special supplier that will drop ship their high end jewelry to our special customers. This supplier has name brand high end jewelry, purses and shoes. The only problem is that the product goes very fast. So, we may post and advertise a product and it becomes sold out within the hour.  As a solution to this problem, we have decided to provide a daily sheet of product available to our sales associates which will sell the products at the home parties and networking events on a first come first serve basis.

Out of Stock or Discontinued Products Policy: Our gifts are provided through our trusted suppliers and warehouses which have been supplying products to customers for many many years.  If for some reason your product is not available or sold out.  (which does happen sometimes) We will offer you a full refund or you can swap your  product with a product that is close to the product you choose. For example: One of our customers ordered a special pillow the pillow was out of stock with our supplier. What we did was ask the customer if they would like to swap the product with a pillow that was made from the same material just had a different brand name. The customer choose the swap and is now enjoying a comfortable pillow. This can be a great way of getting what you want as some of the back orders take a long time to come back in stock and many times are discontinued. 

Okay, enough with the details let's get shopping. Right below you will find our online store. Our hope is that you enjoy shopping here online. If you have received one of our catalogs and would like to make a catalog order you can also do that right here on our site by using the special online order form.  Thank you for stopping by our store. Hope you find what you are looking for. If you don't it email us with what it is you need and we will check our resources to see if we have it available. We may be able to special order a product for you and have it shipped right to your location.

Happy Shopping!

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